A Beginner Guide to the Top Music Streaming Services (Apple Music, Spotify, and More)

Music is a universal language. Thanks to modern technology, we can now listen to our favorite tracks right off the Internet. We can even create customized playlists and listen to new songs from our favorite music artists as soon as they are released. For a small fee, we can enjoy this form of digital entertainment. Some music sites provide these services to subscribers and make billions of dollars in revenue. Read on to learn about the top locations in this industry.

Explore the world of music streaming services


Spotify is the biggest music subscription site in the world. The service was founded in 2006 in the city of Stockholm. It has more than 140 million users who use the music service actively. There are more than 30 million songs available in this service, and it offers custom playlists made by its users. There are no advertisements in Spotify. Moreover, for only $10 per month, users can stream or download songs. According to industry analysts, Spotify takes the number 1 spot because it has the largest user base and a massive database of music. Seeking to grow further, Spotify is looking to launch a $13 billion IPO soon.

Apple Music

Begun in 2015, Apple Music is the second largest music streaming service on the Internet. It has 28 million users. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not have any free service. However, their database of music is extraordinary. Apple Music has 40 million songs which are available to listeners for only $10 per month. In a bid to make itself unique in the market, Apple Music has been signing deals with famous artists such as Drake to release exclusive music on their platform. This makes Apple Music attractive to the listeners and artists as well.

Amazon Music Unlimited

This is a music streaming service which ranks third. It has a total of 16 million users and provides access to 40 million songs through its Amazon Prime category. Members can access this musical content for $8 per month while non-members can access it for $10 per month. Members who have signed up to Amazon Prime can listen to 2 million extra songs and thousands of more radio stations and custom playlists. Amazon Music Unlimited has a one-stop-shop advantage with no advertisements. The service is also integrated with the digital assistant device from Amazon known as Alexa.


For more than ten years, Deezer has provided music over the Internet. It is a French company that has gained a total of 12 million paid users to date. Their database has 43 million songs. Users can enjoy a Freemium model of music enjoyment at the cost of $10 per month. Deezer has a unique feature known as Flow. This is where the service recommends music to users by guessing what they would like to hear in various places, for example, the gym, at work or in their homes.

Google Play Music

This is one of the most well-known music streaming services online. It was launched in 2011 and currently has a catalog of 40 million songs. Users can listen to music, create playlists, browse the music library and download content for only $10 a month. While listeners can enjoy Google Play Music for free, they cannot construct playlists. Google Play Music is bundled together with YouTube hence users can watch music clips while listening to their favorite songs at the same time.


Based in Berlin, Germany, SoundCloud is more than ten years old. The service has 175 million users, most of whom are non-paying. An interesting characteristic of SoundCloud is that it is often used by DJs to promote their work.


Created by Norwegian company Aspiro in 2014, Tidal is one of the latest entries in the music streaming industry. Jay Z purchased the service, an American rapper for $56 million in 2015. The service offers a comprehensive entertainment experience for its members. Users of Tidal can listen to 48 million songs and watch more than 175,000 music videos. They also get to hear exclusive material for $10 per month. In an official report, Tidal indicated that it had exceeded 3 million users by now.


When it comes to Internet radio, Pandora rules the roost. It is only available in the USA. This service is quite popular since it can be accessed at no cost whatsoever. However, if you want a higher quality of music, as many skips as you desire, and the option to replay, you can pay $5 per month for Pandora Plus. For offline access and unique features such as customizable playlists, the cost is $10.