Video Marketing Marketers

Video Marketing is Changing The Game for Marketers

In the year 2015, the digital marketing industry made great impacts in the market. This led to tremendous innovations in the applied technologies. Due to this, the use of social media, mobile and engagement marketing tools were innovated to deliver more contents to the customers and create a successful campaign. This led to the emergence of innovation in digital marketing. Video marketing is used as such aspect that is seen to be of primary importance for content sharing or broadcasting media as well as in business campaigns like B2B or B2C categories.

How Video Marketing is Changing the B2B Landscape:

Video materials

It popular belief among most marketers that videos are only used to make viral contents in YouTube or Facebook. But an analysis from recent years has made the companies to adopt the use of videos to address their customer-centered journey better. According to as research report from Ascend2, the top companies who are successful in the digital marketing campaigns ranked the use of video ads in case of Testimonials of the customers, Demonstration videos of the products, Tutorials, Leader interviews, Case studies, Blogs, and Events.

B2B campaigns in video selling

Companies are now shifting from the use of whiteboard and presentations to the use of videos. In this aspect, Vidyard has made a great contribution regarding the help of video promotions to be applied by the companies. The use of webcams or smartphones to record the videos. Also, Vidyard also considers the development of a series of short videos about the products which serves for demo purposes.

Interactive videos

Due to the recent trends in video marketing, the marketers are aiming for futuristic goals. This will enable the companies to integrate analytical questions like surveys or questionnaires to help the companies work on their promotional methods. This will assist the customers of the companies concerned to greatly engage on their contents and see relevant videos according to their analytics.

Video customization

The video customization is being innovations to be applied to enhance the customer engagement on the products. Also, the need of personalized videos is also another category which brings the integration of the company brand image in the video. This will help in better engagement form the customers to check a branded products along with the assuring better competition in the market.

Marketing teams in companies

In recent times, companies have decided to use the digital marketing for their advancements. This is the main reason for businesses to hire video makers, digital content writers and other people whose expertise lies in the digital media creation.

Video networks

Due to this innovation, companies are leveraging these digital medias to be included to make sales funnel. That being said, YouTube or other ad networks are no longer the only places for video ads. Many other networks are constantly arising to provide competition to the existing big-shows for video advertisement.

Detailed engagement

As the video ads shown in networks are integrated with lots of tech-stuffs, the real-time analytics can provide the proper reports regarding the status of the viewers whether they click them or not. This will also give the producer an idea to efficiently apply these technologies in the videos.

Thus, the estimated growth cannot be measured if the promotional activities are done successfully. YouTube has over a billion users that they provide form their network and the companies must learn to leverage such networks to grow.